​A shower trolley has the function of making showering and transporting patients to the shower easier without putting needless strain on the caretaker helping the patient while also making the transfer safer for the patient as well as the caretaker. Of course, the quality of the shower trolley itself matters quite a bit and it's often best to choose from a good manufacturer. I personally would recommend TR Equipment as they offer good, high quality products at a low cost of ownership, all thanks to their designs and choice of durable materials. 

Their shower trolley is flexible as it can be used in all sorts of care environments and can be put into a "Trendelenburg" position that helps with comfort while also making the draining easier. It can support patients weighing up to 270 kg and since it is battery operated it helps make the transition to the shower trolley a more comfortable experience for both the patient and the caretaker.

Lessen the burden with shower trolleys

As always, being cheap with things like shower trolleys that can help lessen the burden and minimize the risks involved with heavy lifting tend to be expensive in the long run. Work related injuries tend to be quite impactful after all and the sudden disappearance of a caretaker can have quite the impact after all. 

Then there's the simple fact that it's just basic human decency to make sure that work is bearable while also minimizing any risks for work related injuries. Making things more comfortable for the patient is another plus too, not to mention its​ much more hygienic.​